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Experience a Tandem Skydive
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$50 non refundable deposit per person required.
(deposit applied toward skydive)



$ 189
  • Video & Pictures package: $99​


$ 209
  • Video & Pictures package: $99

Video Package

Let us capture your once in a lifetime experience!
$ 99
  • You will receive around 200 photos of your jump, along with a fully edited 3-5 minute 1080p video with music and slow motion, all on a flash drive before you leave.

Student Program

Curious about our student program? Find out more information here. Prices include gear rental.

“Accelerated Freefall (AFF)” Jumps 2-8

Once you have completed at least 1 tandem skydive, you will attend a 3-5 hour ground school, and fly for 10 minutes in the wind tunnel prior to your AFF level 1.

Ground School, First AFF Jump(Level 1): $275

10 Minutes Wind Tunnel: $175

AFF Level 2-7: $175 each

*Note: You must complete a tandem skydive prior to AFF

“Solo Student” Jumps 9-25

After making a tandem skydive(required), and completing the AFF program you will be required to successfully complete four (4) coaching jumps and thirteen (13) solo skydives under the supervision of an instructor.


Coach Jump: $150 each

Student Solo Jump: $100 each


Student Package

The student package includes Accelerated Free Fall, Coaching Jumps, and Solo Jumps. You will receive a total of 24 skydives, plus your tandem skydive (not included in the student package) to make 25 total skydives, and at the completion of the program will obtain your A license.

Complete Package: $3,250 (Save 5%)

Pay as you go: $3400


Note: It may be possible that a student be required to retry a jump if they are unable to complete the tasks necessary during the skydive. If this were to occur additional charges will apply.

All students must also purchase USPA membership ($78) and A-License ($36) which are not included.

Experienced Jumpers

Must have a valid/current USPA license and AADs are required. See our Experienced Jumpers page for more information. If you are not current you must do a check dive with an instructor. 

Jump Prices

Hop & Pop: $15 each

Full Altitude: $25 each

Check Dive: $175

Gear Rental

Price Per Jump: $25

Gear rental includes container, main canopy, reserve canopy, and AAD. Pack job INCLUDED.