First Time Skydiving?


First Time Skydiving?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. After filling out the required paperwork and providing a valid ID, you will meet your tandem instructor.  He is going to show you what to do during the skydive and answer any questions you may have. After brief training, it’s time to gear up and head for the plane. 

There is no need to panic! The tandem instructor is the one responsible for handling all the equipment.  Take in the views on a 15-20 minute plane ride to roughly 2 miles in the air.  Once you are attached to your instructor and its time to jump, the door will open – get ready to experience the most exhilarating thing of your life!  You will get about 40 seconds of free fall and reach speeds exceeding 120/MPH!  Take it all in, your first jump only happens once!

At 5000 feet your instructor will deploy the parachute and you get to enjoy a 4 to 6 minute parachute ride down with views of the White Tank Mountains, Estrella Mountains, Camelback Mountains, South Mountains, Lake Pleasant, Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, and downtown Phoenix.

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