Accelerated Free Fall


Accelerated Free Fall

Either you have experienced the thrill of free fall already, or you already know skydiving is something you want to learn how to do on your own!  Here at Skydive Buckeye we teach people how to skydive using the “Accelerated Free Fall program,” better known as “AFF”. 

AFF is a harness hold program where you exit the aircraft using your own parachute with two instructors holding on to either side of you making sure you are safe and doing everything you are supposed to do.

First you will attend ground school where you learn everything you need to know to skydive safely! Items covered include: gearing up properly, safety in and around the aircraft, how to exit the aircraft, body position in freefall, freefall procedures, parachute deployment, emergency procedures, and how to safely pilot and land your canopy (parachute).

Your first jump is with two instructors. Both of them will hold onto your jump suit to ensure you fall in a stable and safe position. The rest of your AFF jumps are with one instructor.  Upon completion of your AFF you will be cleared to skydive by yourself under the supervision of an instructor.

During your AFF training we will help you on the ground and in the sky. You will learn proper body position, heading control, stability, forward movement, turns, and tracking (fast horizontal movement across the sky).  

On each jump you will have more responsibilities with a little less help from the instructor. Don’t worry though, the instructor will always be there to answer questions and give you guidance. 

Once you are cleared to skydive by yourself, you will be responsible for doing the gear checks, gearing up, exiting the plane and skydiving by yourself. Even though these are “solo” skydives, an instructor will be there to conduct safety checks on your gear and answer any questions.

During your time as a student on solo status, you will be required to complete four coached “check dives”. These dives will be done with an instructor, who will observe your ability to complete a safe skydive. 

Once you have completed 25 jumps, passed your check dives, and passed a written test you will officially be an A-licensed skydiver!

We teach the ground school on the first Tuesday of every month, or if you have 3 or more people and that day doesn’t work, call us and we can figure something out for you.

For pricing visit our prices page.  Any and all other questions or to schedule a ground school give us a call any time at 623 980 4888.


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